Why to Invest in Odisha

The government has constituted the Odisha Bamboo Development Agency (OBDA) to  undertake the integrated development of the
Bamboo sector in the state, with an objective to ensure employment generation and  economic development based on available bamboo
resources in the State. The focus is to develop the technology based applications of  bamboo and establish viable enterprises engaged 
in the production of high value added bamboo based products in the State.
Odisha is having abundant non forest bamboo resource (raw material) in Mayurbhan, Balsore, Bhadrak and adjoining districts and its 
value addition has not been tapped properly. The annual production is estimated about 50000 MT. The state is having industrial friendly
environment with adequate Power supply. The labour force is available in abundance  at cheaper rate. The land rate is cost effective.
Places with raw material are located at NH on coast and are well connected by Howrah, Chennai Main Line to almost all markets of
country. Places are also connected by Paradeep Port and thus provide good opportunity for export. These all constitute ideal situation 
for setting up of bamboo based industry in Odisha.
Support to Entrepreneurs
It provides support in terms of soft loan for development, promotion and communication of technology for bamboo based products and applications in different segments, such as: 
(a)  Bamboo Mat Board (BMB) & composites
(b)  Bamboo sticks, blinds, Incense sticks (Agarbatti), Tooth pricks\
(c)  Bamboo furniture
(d)  Bamboo Housing & structured application
(e)  Utility and handicraft products
(f)  Charcoal making
(g)  Food
(h)  Fiber
For details National Mission on Bamboo Application (NMBA), New Delhi may be contacted.