Function of OBDA

At state level, both programmes of National Bamboo Mission  are implemented through Odisha Bamboo Development Agency. Besides the OBDA is entrusted with overall development of Bamboo sector in the State.

The functions are broadly  summarized as below:

Bamboo Resource Regenaration ( Nurseries and Plantation)

Raising of nurseries

This may be in public sector ( Departmentally) or private sector (beneficiaries oriented) which are of  two types :

::  Centralized
::  Decentralized- Kisan Nursery/Mahila Nursery


::  Forest Areas - It is implemented through DFO involving VSS, JFMCs, FDA, VDC(Village Development Committee- where registered
     body not existing as in case of Micro plan run village of WFP).Field Units of OBDA may be involved.

::  Non Forest Areas - It may be implemented through District Bamboo Development Agency (DBDA) or through Field Unit of OBDA
     involving beneficiaries, Farmers, NGOs etc

Organization of Training and Workshop

Training may be imparted to Farmers & Field functionaries, involving D.F.O., D.B.D.A., Field Units of OBDA or other line Departments such as G.M., D.I.C. etc.

Skill Up gradation of Artisans

   The focused areas are :

              ::  Mat weaving
              ::  Incense stick making and rolling
              ::  Furniture making
              ::  Bamboo handicrafts, etc.

Common Facility Center (CFC)

These may be established through the Agency involved in training. The CFCs includes:

::   Treatment & Storage facilities
::   Retail market of Bamboo near village, Bamboo Bazar etc.
::   Training Centers
Other common facility required by communities / villages

Promotion of Bamboo based industries and technology with support of NBM

The focused areas are

::  Bamboo Mat Board / Corrugated Sheet / BMVB / Bamboo Particle Board
::  Incense Stick
::  Bamboo Timber Block / Lumber / Floor Tiles
Bamboo shoots
Bamboo Furniture etc. Marketing support and Marketing linkage for bamboo based products

Project Based activities

Project based activities for Bamboo sector development shall be implemented with support of National Bamboo Mission (NBM),  or other Agencies.