Species of Odisha

There are 13 species are available in Odisha. These species are :

  1. Bambusa vulgaris  Bambusa vulgaris Var. Vulgaris Schrad ex Wendle (Odisha)Sundarkani
  2. Bambusa nutans  Bambusa nutans Wall ex Munro(Odisha)Badi
  3. Bambusa tulda  Bambusa tulda Roxb (Odisha)Taleda
  4. Dendrocalamus strictus  Dendrocalamus strictus Ness
  5. Bambusa bamboos  Bambusa bambos voss (Odisha) Kanta / Daba
  6. Thyrostachys oliveri  Thyrostachys oliveri Gamble
  7. Thyrostachys regia  Thyrostachys regia(Munro.) Bennet.
  8. Dendroclamus longispathus
  9. Scizostachyum pergracile  Schizostachyum pergracile
  10. Gigantochloa rostrata  Gigantochloa rostrata Wong. (Gigantochloa maxima var. minor Holttum Oxytenanthera nigrociliata Munro)
  11. Dendroclamus giganteous  Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro
  12. Bambusa striata  Bambusa striata
  13. Bambusa wamin  Bambusa wamin Camus. Bambusa vulgaris var. wamin

The Mission has carried out extensive testing and an assessment of inherent characteristics of above species of bamboo. The results were matched with existing and potential uses of bamboo.
Based on this exercise, and taking into account availability and dispersal of bamboo species, the Mission has evolved a recommendation for focus on 2 commercially significant species.

  1. Bambusa vulgaris
  2. Bambusa nutans

In forest areas with poor soil and water regime Dendroclamus strictus is recommended.