Supply of Bamboos To Artisans Rule


In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (c ),(d) and (e) of Section 36 of the Odisha Forest Act, 1972 (Odisha Act 14 of 1972), the State Government do hereby make the following rules to control and regulate the granting of licenses to bamboo artisans including Co-operatives Societies and felling and removing bamboos from protected forests located within the vicinity of the places where they are ordinarily resident, for purposes of trade namely :

Short title, extent and commencement

The rules may be called the Supply of Bamboos to Artisans including Co-operative Societies (Odisha) Rules, 1980.


In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • Act means the Odisha Forest Act, 1972 (Odisha 14 of 1972)
  • Bamboo artisan means a person who earns his livelihood or a Co-operative Society, the members of which earn their livelihood by making baskets, kullas, tatties, variety of containers and other articles made of bamboos for sale to general public;
  • Family means the members of the family of bamboo artisans
  • Form means a form appended to these rules
  • Licensee means any individual member of a family or Society registered under Rule 3 and is in possession of the licence book
  • Permit means a permit issued by an Authority competent to issue the same under these rules
  • Schedule means the Schedule appended to these rules
  • Society means a Bamboo Artisans Co-operative Society registered under the Odisha Co-operative Society Act, 1962
  • Value means value of bamboos as per rate prescribed in the Schedule appended to these rules
  • Vicinity means the area within the territorial Forest Range; but does not include a plantation area
  • Working month means all the months of the calendar year except the months of July, August and September
  • Working season means the period between 1st October to 30th June

All words and expressions used in these rules but not defined therein have the same meaning as are respectively assigned to them in the Act.

Registration and licence

  • All the members of family or Society desirous of obtaining bamboos from protected forests for manufacture of bamboo products for purposes of trade shall be required to register themselves in the Territorial Forest Range Office within whose jurisdiction, they are ordinarily resident.
  • The application for registration shall be in FormNo.1 and shall be accompanied by an Identity Certificate in Form No.II issued by the Sarpanch of the Grama Panchayat or Ward Member of Municipality or Notified Area Council as the case may be of the area where the applicant is ordinarily resident (in case the applicant of a Society, the Identity Certificate in respect of all members of the Society shall be furnished).
  • All applications received from members of family and Societies shall be serially entered in a register in Form No.III by the concerned territorial Forest Range Officer. The applications and Identity Certificate shall be filled in the Range Office.
  • After registering the application, the Range Officer shall issue a printed licence book in Form No.IV to the licensee from whom the cost of licence book amounting to rupees two shall be realized and credited to forest revenue. An used up licence book when returned by the licensee, shall be replaced by a new one, free of cost, by the Ranger Officer.
  • All the printed licence books shall bear machine serial number. A register of licence books shall be maintained in the Range Office in Form No.V.

Permit and scale of supply:

  • Subject to such orders or directions of the State Government and subject to availability in the protected forest, a licence may be granted permit during the working season up to five hundred and forty Salia bamboos.
  • Not more than sixty Salia bamboos shall be permitted for removal in a working month under permit and not more than twenty bamboos shall be allowed at a time.
  • The bamboos to be cut and removed under such permit shall not be less than two years old.
  • The forester or any Forest Officer superior to him having jurisdiction over the area can issue such permits on realization of value and presentation of the licence book by the licensee. Each issue of permit shall be duly entered in the licence book by the Forest Officer, with his initial and date.
  • A permit shall be in Form VI. The permit books shall be in triplicate and each page of the permit book shall bear the serial number of the book and page number of the permit in print. The original permit shall be issued to the party; the duplicate copy to be sent by the issuing officer to the Range Officer along with accounts and the triplicate shall be retained as a counterfoil in the book.

Value of bamboos : The value payable for different forest divisions for the purpose of sub-rule (4) of Rule 4 will be as per rates indicated in the Schedule. These rates are for felling and removal of bamboos under permit.

Restrictions : While cutting bamboos, the cutting rules prescribed in the Working Plan of the Division shall be applicable for the purposes of this rule also.

  • Other methods of supply and rates thereof : The State Government may prescribe separate rates for different areas for the bamboos to be paid by the licenses when such bamboos are supplied for the purpose of these rules from departmentally opened depots.
  • Infringement and penalty : Infringement of any of the provisions of these rules by the licensee shall make him liable to forfeiture of the license besides such other action that may be taken under provisions of Section 37 of the Act.