Odisha Bamboo Development Agency
Odisha Bamboo Development Agency

Marketing of products

The Bamboo artisans/SHGs are being regularly trained by OBDA for their skill up gradation. To provide better marketing facilities, an online platform is now provided. The prices quoted are subject to change and are to be governed by even the subsequent consent of the artisans concerned. The supply time may also vary. The orders can either be placed directly with the artisans concerned under intimation to the OBDA or through OBDA itself. However, in either of the cases, the order is to be accompanied with at least 75% advance with condition for the final payment at the time of delivery itself. In case of any dispute, the decision of the SMD, OBDA shall be binding on all.

Sofa Chair (Single) Center Table Garden Chair Sofa Set Long Chair Folding Tea Poy
Code : F1 Code : F2 Code : F3 Code : F4 Code : F5
Utility Product
Tooth Brush Stand Tray Mobile Stand Ornament Stands Temple Basket
Code : UT1 Code : UT2 Code : UT3 Code : UT4 Code : UT5

Brush Stand Flower Basket Fruit Basket    
Code : UT6 Code : UT7 Code : UT8    
Traditional Boat Twin Pen Stand Candle Stand Peacock Ship
Code : BH1 Code : BH2 Code : BH3 Code : BH4 Code : BH5

Hunting Lizard Pen Stand Pen Stand Fancy Light Stand Flower Vessel
Code : BH6 Code : BH7 Code : BH8 Code : BH9 Code : BH10