Odisha Bamboo Development Agency
Odisha Bamboo Development Agency

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Odisha Bamboo Development Agency is an initiative aimed at integrated development of Bamboo sector in Odisha.

The focus is on bamboo resource regeneration by commercial cultivation of bamboo and building highly competitive clusters producing commercially accepted bamboo products through value addition as well as setting up bamboo based industries with recent advances in technology.

The mission has special focus on adequate returns to farmers as well as promoting sustainable livelihood for tribal and rural poor engaged in bamboo sector with emphasis on women empowerment.

In Odisha the farmers are adopted the bamboo farming for their livelihood. More...
In Odisha certain traditional communities have adopted the bamboo craft as a profession for their livelihood. More...
The Bamboo Products like bamboo mat, bamboo flooring,bamboo furniture etc. More...
The above Oriya Books are published by OBDA with the help of NMBA and CBTC. More...
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" There is growing interest in bamboo - the material and its usage.
The Mission is developing a bank of visuals on the many aspects of bamboo, from species to cultivation to processing and product. "


Bamboos has versatile uses as building material, paper pulp resource, scaffolding, food, agriculture implements.